Sangria Sundays at Wildside Winery!

Sangria Sundays at Wildside Winery!

Welcome to your first of many, monthly, "Woodford Charms". 😉

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Sangria Sunday at Wildside Winery!

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There are some new and exciting happenings going on at Wildside Winery and it’s not just Sangria Sunday, the winery recently obtained new partners. Elisha Holt with Clint Meier have taken over for Rachel and Neil at Wildside in all aspects of operating the business, including the best part, making the wine.

With Elisha’s extensive marketing background she has given the winery an energized zap of fresh ideas, all the while keeping the spirit of Wildside intact. Still the only Winery around with their “flight of wines” style, like something you’d see in a brewery, Wildside now has Sangria Sundays only in February.

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From 2 – 5pm you can enjoy an event inspired by Spain itself. After Elisha and Clint got back from their trip to Spain they wanted to bring a little piece of it back with them. Sangria Sunday was born and aren’t we excited! I have a feeling that this won’t be the only new idea from Wildside in the future. Be sure to give them a follow.
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