Woodford County Day On The River!

Woodford County Day On The River!

I’ll take any excuse to make a trip to the river. Especially on a day like Saturday August 17th, the first ever “Woodford County Day” on the river. The Woodford County Fiscal Court teamed up with the 18th annual “Kentucky River Clean Sweep” and the Kentucky River Watershed Watches’s 3rd annual “Voyager Canoe Paddle” to make it an action packed Woodford County Day.


I want to sum up this short story with a thank you letter from the Woodford County Fiscal Court. Next year I will stay longer, not only to document but to help fellow Woodford Countians with the important task of keeping our river clean. The Voyager Canoe Paddle sounds pretty fun as well😉. 


The 1st Annual Woodford County Day on the River was a great success!

Thanks to the many awesome volunteers who cleaned over 2,500 lbs. of trash from the Kentucky River as part of the 18th annual Kentucky River Clean Sweep! Thanks to Woodford Recycle and Solid Waste for organizing and hosting. A BIG thanks to Tommy Rankin for his support and donation of his backhoe and dump truck.

Thanks to Joe Lacefield and Kentucky Fish and Wildlife for pitching in. Thanks to Executive Director David Hamilton of the Kentucky River Authority and his daughters for helping out.

The Kentucky River Watershed Watch had a full canoe and a great paddle from the Clifton Boat Ramp to Lock 5 where there was a discussion about the importance of the river to our communities and as our water supply.

We want to give a BIG shout out and thank you to Sweet T's Tasty Dog & Soul food truck for coming down. A big thank you Kevin Cummins for his generous donation of porta-potty. Thanks to Robbie Rice for allowing us to use the Clifton Boat Ramp for the day. Thank you to Woodford Emergency Management, EMS and Versailles Police Department for being on call and joining in.

We will definitely do this again, and next year we hope to include other counties and have a location in Southern Woodford County to serve that area of the river. If you want to help organize next year, please contact Judge/Executive James Kay judgekay@woodfordcountyky.gov


I only got to spend a few short moments with the volunteers before they pushed out to start the trash sweep. You would think it was a family reunion judging by everyones friendly energy. Even though it was early, the volunteers were laughing and cutting jokes with one another and clearly enjoyed the task at hand.


Just a short walk from the ramp, it was apparent that this volunteer mission was an important one. I spotted cans and tires not 10 feet from the starting point. Not to mention the blurry objects on the adjacent bank I could barley make out as garbage of some kind. Pictured in this article are a few moments I was able to capture. The rest are on our Facebook page! Click here to visit. Even though nobody was particularly excited to pose for a picture, I was able to sneak some in.


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