Some Much Needed Announcements!

Some Much Needed Announcements!

Hello Woodford!

As the light at the end of the winter tunnel gets brighter we have some announcements to look forward to.

We are deep into producing content for the second issue. Everything has been selected and organized. The second issue is turning out to be even more entertaining and insightful than the last! Look for more updates as we get closer to our projected publication date of mid May.

Another thing you may notice is that we will have no paid ads in this next issue. Or any ads for that matter. We decided to focus the magazine on what’s important, the people behind the organizations and business of Woodford County. This was done for many reasons but mainly to try and fall more in line with our mission to showcase our amazing community.

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We can’t wait to share what we have been working on with many of Woodford’s community members, organizations, and officials. Stay tuned!

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